Best Things to Do in Sapa Is this your irst trip to Sapa, Vietnam? Not to worry, you’re in good hands! Here’s a list of best things to do in Sapa to furnish your itinerary. Pack your bags and get ready to immerse yourselves in a riveting and an enjoyable adventure! Trek and visit fascinating tribal villages: Tribal trekking is commonplace in Sapa wherein visitors are guided through the many villages to immerse in authentic cultural experiences, enjoy local cuisine and surround themselves with the beautiful folds of rice terraces. If you are keen on traversing the cultures and traditions of the tribal groups, this experience will provide a hands-on and unmediated experience, contrary to merely visiting landmarks and points of interests. To engage in a more fulfilling immersion, you can trek the villages in the day and spend the night at a local home, then continue your journey the very next day! This homestay experience